Technical FAQ (NZ Schools)

How much data from our School Management System do you keep in Career Central?

We only store what we need to create accounts and allow users to login, and to allow school staff to keep track of trends in their school and contact students.


School ID
School Username
School Password (KAMAR only)
School email
Group Class/Form Class
Current Year Level
Mobile phone number (Edge Learning and PCSchool only)
Assessment Results
School Subjects


School ID
School Username
School Password (KAMAR only)
School email
Group Class/Form Class
Work Phone (KAMAR only)

Do we need to send photos/results? Is it possible to setup without them? (KAMAR)

If your school would prefer to not send us photos, then just let us know, and we can proceed with the setup without them.
This will just mean that the student profiles will not have profile pictures visible for staff (Student photos are only ever visible to staff who can see their profiles, not to other students or to all staff in the school).

Same idea goes for results, this will just mean that staff will not be able to see a results summary for students when they check their profiles.

How do we get photos showing in Career Central if our School Management System does not send them?

Currently, these should be sent via a secure ZIP file to us, and we will manually upload them. The photos should be in the naming convention of userid.jpg

How do I know that the school has okayed us sending this data?

We will only ever send you an email with the setup instructions as a result of receiving a sign-up form from your school, and generally, by signing up to Career Central, the school agrees to allow us access to the sort of data we need to get Career Central running for your school.

Where is the data stored (in NZ, or overseas)?

Career Central data that we receive from your school or that is created on our platform is stored on servers in Auckland NZ.

How do we know that you have successfully received our data?

When you respond to us to let us know that you have completed the instructions in our setup email, we will check that your data is coming through properly. If there are any issues, we will let you know what steps we need you to take to help us fix them, otherwise, we will let you know that your job is done for the setup, and we will complete the setup on our end!

What are the next steps once we have completed the steps in your setup email?

Once the steps that we ask you to complete have been done and we have checked that it has all gone smoothly (i.e. we’re not missing any bits of data), your job is done! If we have any issues that we need your help with, we will get in touch.

How do staff and students login? Is there a link I can send them?

Users can head to or to login, and students can search Career Central on mobile app stores.

Do we need to setup anything in our Google/Microsoft accounts to get SSO working?

Nope! There is no additional setup necessary. All we need is to know your school’s domains for staff and students (e.g. and then we can just flick a switch on our end which will allow your staff and students to login using their school Google or Microsoft accounts.